I'm sure you have plenty of questions, so please check out the FAQ below.


When is the best time to book and photograph my newborn session?

It is best to book your session before your little one has arrived in order to secure a spot for you on my calendar. I only take a few sessions a month. It's best to book once you're in the second or early third trimester so we have weeks to prepare!

If your baby has already arrived, don't worry! We can still see if there's availability on my calendar. Don't wait to contact me though, as newborns become harder to photograph the older they get. Between 5-21 days old is the best age to photograph a newborn baby. Any older than 21 days and it is much more difficult to settle them into those sweet curled-up poses. However, I photograph up to around one month old!

How do you book a session date when you don't know when the baby will arrive?

Great question! I will secure your due date on my calendar. It's just a guess. Once your baby actually arrives, you will contact me within 3 days (72 hours) to let me know. Then I will schedule the session with your baby's birth date in mind. We aim for the baby to be between 5 and 21 days old at the time of the session.

Is my baby too old for newborn pictures?

Most babies are photographed between 5-21 days old. If your baby is already older than 21 days, do not worry! We can still try to book a session for you, but please be aware that I may not be able to get all the curled-up poses that a newborn can do. I can try photographing newborn photos up until around a month old. Older babies may be more alert and less likely to settle. We can still get some beautiful images!

Do you offer in-home newborn sessions?

At this time, I am unable to offer in-home newborn sessions. Studio only.

How do I book my session?

Just contact me using the "contact me" form to get started!

Why do you require a retainer fee?

I require a fee to secure the date and begin planning your session. The retainer fee is $100 and the money goes towards your full balance.

When do I pay for the session?

Once you've chosen your session type and paid the $100 retainer fee, the remaining balance will be due before or at the time of the session.

Cash and online credit card transactions are accepted.

After you've reviewed your gallery and you have made your final photo selections, you will receive an invoice to be paid in full before I release your edited images to you.

How are you going to keep my baby safe during the session?

Newborn safety is very important to me. I strive to create a safe environment for them by keeping all props/wraps/blankets clean and sanitized between sessions. I will also be wearing a mask and I will be sanitizing my hands multiple times throughout the session. The studio will also be kept warm to keep babies at an optimum temperature so they don't get too cold or overheated. Also, and probably MOST importantly, I never leave baby unattended on any prop. I (or a parent, if needed) will ALWAYS have one hand on or near baby incase of the startle reflex. Many poses are composites of two or more images that are brought together in Photoshop to keep baby safe during posing. Baby is NEVER holding these poses (like the Froggy pose) fully by themselves. I have also taken many safety courses available to professional newborn photographers about newborn handling and safety during posing.

What do I bring to my session?

Bring bottles if you're not breastfeeding, diapers and wipes, any special items to be used during the session, the outfits you want to wear in family photos (if you're doing those.) Remember to bring backup outfits in case of an accident.

*The studio will be very warm to keep the baby cozy and happy. I recommend wearing layers or bringing a comfy outfit to change into to keep cool.

Can I bring my own props and outfits?

I highly encourage that you allow me to style the entire session as to keep the quality and style of my work consistent for you. I have plenty of precious bonnets, hats, headbands, wraps, props and accessories to create beautiful images for you.

Outfits you find on Amazon or that someone crocheted usually do not fit newborns well and will not be becoming on your little one. I have spent a lot of time and money selecting and investing in pieces that are *specifically made* for newborn photography.

However, if there is a very special item (family heirloom, grandma's knitted blanket, etc.), I will gladly try to incorporate it into your session! Please let me know if you plan on bringing such items so I can prepare a coordinating set.

What should we wear for our family pictures?

I recommend wearing solid, neutral colors. Patterns can overwhelm an image and take away from the focus - your bond as a family with baby. Also, patterns are harder to retouch if an accident occurs that needs to be removed in Photoshop. I encourage sleeves as well. The images are usually taken waist/hips up, so shoes do not matter and won't show. Everyone in the family doesn't need to match, but I would coordinate the outfits to look cohesive as a whole. I will wrap the baby in a coordinating color for the family photos, so no need to bring a newborn outfit.

If you are unsure what looks best or just need help narrowing down outfit choices, I would be glad to help!

Where is your studio located?

Flowertown Photography is located in Summerville, South Carolina. The studio's address is 125 Crosscreek Drive, Summerville, SC, 29485.

How many images do you take in my session?

I take as many images as needed to get the image quality I require. Some shots are taken just to adjust lighting, posing, composition and to perfect the image. You will not get to review every single image (and you wouldn't want to!) but only the technically "good ones."

How many pictures will we see in our proofing gallery?

Most galleries have 60-125 images to choose from, depending on the type of session you've booked.

About two weeks after your session, you will receive a password protected proofing gallery of your session's best *unedited* images to review. You will then make your final decisions on which images you would like to purchase.

If you've chosen to purchase digital images, once you've made your final choices, I will simply send an invoice for the amount of images you've chosen and fully edit your selections. Once all invoices are paid and editing is completed, I will deliver the final product via email download. For the images you select to be edited, you will receive a high-resolution color JPG, a complimentary black and white version and a web-sized version with my logo in the corner for social media sharing.

If you've chosen to purchase prints or photographic products from my online store, those images are sent to me and fully retouched after you place your order. They are then shipped directly to your house (or address you have designated when you make the purchase in the online store.)

*Please do not share your proofing gallery to social media. These images are unedited and are not for everyone to see, only your family. The gallery is also password protected so the general public cannot see your images.

Why do you not edit all of the pictures before I see them?

Not every single photo will be your favorite. I will take MANY different shots with different angles. I want you to choose your favorites before I spend time editing photographs that you may or may not even want to purchase. It's a win-win!

Do you sell digital images? What about Prints? Products?

Yes, I sell digital images. I also have an online store that will be connected to your gallery with traditional prints, canvases, albums, cards, wood and metal products, etc.

To order digital images: How do I select my favorites inside of my gallery?

To create a favorites list, click the heart icon in the toolbar near the top of your gallery. To add an image to the favorites list, tap the heart in the top right of an image. After you've selected all your favorites, you can review them by going back to the gallery's main page, clicking the heart in the upper right of the gallery toolbar and clicking the "my favorites" album. Once you're sure of your selections, simply tap the paper plane icon in the top right on the toolbar to "Send to Photographer." After I receive your favorite selections, I will start retouching them for you. Your final digital images will be sent to your email via Digital Download once all editing is complete and invoices are fully paid.

Will there be logos on my final images?

No! Your final high-resolution images will not have any logos. There are only logos on the web-sized images available for download for any image you purchase. And, of course, there are logos on the images that I post on my business social media pages. Feel free to share those!

It's one of the best and most vital ways to market for my business, besides word of mouth. Posting your final images with my logo really helps other families who might want my photography services to find me!

Can I post my images to social media?

I will share my personal favorite images to Facebook and Instagram after your session for you to share.

Once you purchase your images and I deliver the final product, you are free to share your images to social media. I will supply you with a web-sized version to post with my logo in the corner. I would very much appreciate you sharing this version. Sometimes uploading the high-resolution version of images to social media will cause compression of the file and that will cause it to look less sharp and pixelated. Compressing the file can also cause color to warp too. This is not how I want my work to be represented.

I would also be so grateful if you could tag me, whether on Facebook or Instagram, so others can find my page as well!

*Please do not share your proofing gallery to social media. These images are unedited and are not for everyone to see, only your family. The gallery is also password protected so the general public cannot see your images.

Can I receive my images unedited or raw?

No. You will receive high-resolution JPG files that are edited in the style of my work. I don't release unedited images. RAW images are not for sale.