I believe less is more when it comes to what to wear to any photography session. I prefer classic, simple looks with minimalistic patterns and no wording or big logos that will distract from your baby's beautiful face and features. My style tends to lean more towards vintage, rustic, boho, and a new term I just discovered, called "cottagecore." I am also a big fan of neutrals, earth tones and muted colors. This session should be about capturing your baby's growing personality, catching the light in their eyes when they laugh, the dimples in their cheeks, or those crazy hairs that just won't stay down. It's about all those little ways they make you fall in love everyday.


The sizes listed are just the sizes from the tag inside the clothing. Different outfits may fit bigger or smaller depending on style, brand and material. They are not guaranteed to fit every baby. It's a good idea to have a few pieces in mind for the day of your session, just to have options to try on and see what fits your baby best. I also have an extensive collection of headbands and floral crowns for girls that are adjustable and fit newborn to one year old babies.


These props are for use during Cake Smash sessions.

Don't see what you're looking for?

I am always looking to add new pieces to my Baby Wardrobe collection. Send me a message and show me what your ideas are! If there's an outfit you have in mind that seems like a good fit with my style and I think other families might want to use it as well, I might want to buy it for my collection. Never hurts to ask!